Emerging Technologies and Strategies to Combat Air Pollution: A Comprehensive Review


Mohsen Ghamari

Air pollution is a pressing global issue with significant implications for public health, the environment, and climate change. As traditional sources of air pollutants persist and new sources emerge, the need for innovative technologies and strategies to combat air pollution becomes increasingly evident. This comprehensive review article explores the latest advancements in air pollution control technologies, ranging from traditional methods such as filtration and catalytic converters to emerging solutions like nanotechnology-based interventions and artificial intelligence-driven monitoring systems. Additionally, the article examines various strategies that governments, industries, and communities are adopting to mitigate air pollution's adverse effects. Through an analysis of recent research and case studies, this review provides valuable insights into the multifaceted approaches being employed to address this critical issue and emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in achieving cleaner air for future generations.




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