Innovative Application of Scientific Fact for Nutrient Recovery from Waste Water Streams for Sustainable Agriculture and Protection of Environment: A Review


Yadav RC

Organic manure is an essential component of nutrient management for sustainable agriculture, where in use of slurry extracted from the waste water streams becomes a reliable, accessible and cheap source of such nutrient rich materials. This study presents a scientific fact of sulphur cycle that governs aerobic and anaerobic decomposition of wastes which have adverse impact on environment. Working of scientific fact is substantiated in the study. Review was carried out on use of the scientific fact in the existing practices for nutrient and water use and capitalizing the waste materials. It is found that although benefits are realized, the working of scientific fact of sulphur cycle is not visualized. Relevant application of the scientific fact of sulphur cycle viz. aerobic decomposition works well in practice of NADEP composting prevalent in India. Further, usage of the innovation of aerobically decomposed green manuring will serve as an engine for driving the recovery of nutrients from waste streams. The innovative products so far developed still have some limitations of use. Several manifestations of the scientific fact are presented that are in practice and some in perspective to bring sustainable agriculture. It warrants conducting studies on optimization under generation II (2G) of factors those found promising under generation I (1G). Some prominent research areas are also chalked out whose results when implemented will bring sustainable agriculture and promote clean and green environment conservation.




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