Mobile Phone and Cordless Phone Use and the Risk for Glioma


Lennart Hardell*

The widespread use of mobile phones and cordless phones has raised concerns regarding their potential health effects, particularly the risk for developing glioma, a type of brain tumor. This abstract provides an overview of the existing evidence and research on the association between mobile phone and cordless phone use and the risk for glioma. Numerous epidemiological studies have investigated the possible link between mobile phone and cordless phone use and glioma risk. These studies typically involve comparing the phone usage patterns and exposure history of individuals diagnosed with glioma (cases) to a control group. The findings from these studies have been mixed, with some suggesting a potential increased risk, while others report no significant association. Case-control studies, which compare the phone usage of glioma cases and controls, have been commonly used to assess the association. Some case-control studies have reported a modestly increased risk for glioma with longterm mobile phone use, especially with heavy and prolonged exposure. However, other studies have found no overall association. Methodological limitations, recall bias, and the challenges of accurately assessing long-term exposure are factors that may contribute to the variability in study outcomes.




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