Optimal Well Design for Enhanced Stimulation Fluids Recovery and Flowback Treatment in the Marcellus Shale Gas Development Using Integrated Technologies


Richard Olawoyin, Christian Madu and Khaled Enab

A typical well was designed with formation properties in Springfield Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania using computer modeling group (CMG) software to analyze the production potential in the area over 40 years. Multilateral wells gave the highest initial gas production rate and cumulative production of 1.18E+07 ft3/day and 2.6E+10 ft3 respectively. FracPro® software was used for the fracture design. The simulation demonstrates that hydraulic fracturing can appreciably increase cumulative production and production rate in the well, with an estimated 3.6 Million gallons (of water) per well required to fracture open the formation for the free flow of gas. Due to the efficient well design and stimulation design, a load recovery of approximately 86% of the injected fluid is achievable which amount to 73,714 bbls of waste water to be treated per stimulation job. The system capacity of the forward osmosis integrated process, operating on hydraulic fracturing flow-back water will treat 604,800 gallons per day (gal/d). The novel design takes into consideration the flow-back recovery per hour in the system, which is 600 bbl/ hr for the centralized system, but 150 bbl/hr for a single well pad. The tank size required would be a 25,000 gallon tank, covering approximately 1,202 square feet and cost $52,255. The forward osmosis (FO) system uses a thin-film composite (TFC) membrane system based on efficiency and power generation capabilities. The capital cost of each system is about $100,000. The annual operating cost of the FO system would be about $ 0.60/kgal of produced water. A cost estimate savings of over one million dollars ($1,000,000) is expected if the integrated forward osmosis system is implemented. Aside cost savings, the emission generated from the system is minimal, which makes it considerably environmentally friendly compared to other types of treatments.




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