The Impact of AI Focus on Individuals: User Feedback and Developer Priorities


William J. Bingley*

The goal of human-centered artificial intelligence is to shift AI development's focus away from technology and toward people. However, it is unclear whether the principles and practices of HCAI currently in use are sufficient to achieve this objective. We conducted a qualitative survey of AI developers and users to see if HCAI is sufficiently human-centered. Additionally, we conducted a thematic content analysis on their responses to learn more about their distinct priorities and experiences. We were able to compare user experiences with HCAI in principle and practice. We discovered that positive user experiences were characterized by the social impact of AI, but this was less of a priority for developers. In addition, our findings indicated that making AI more human-centered necessitates enhancing its user-centered functionality. In fact, users were more worried about understanding AI than about being understood by AI. Developers showed an "avoidance of harm" perspective by being concerned with ethical, privacy, and security concerns in accordance with HCAI guidelines. However, our findings suggest that in order for HCAI to truly be human-centered, it must place a greater emphasis on the needs of individuals.




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