Skin Transplant

Skin Transplant is a surgical procedure that involves removing skin from one part of your body (the donor site) and moving it, or transplanting it, to a different part. This transplant may be done if part of your body has lost its protective covering of skin due to injury or illness.

Dr. Sir Harold Gillies was the first person to perform skin transplant. Healthy skin is taken from a place on patient’s own body called the donor site. In skin graft the two top layers of skin from the donor site (the epidermis) and the layer under the epidermis (the dermis). The graft is carefully spread on the bare area where it is being transplanted. It is held in place either by gentle pressure from a well-padded dressing that covers it, or by staples or a few small stitches. The donor-site area is covered with a sterile dressing for 3 to 5 days.



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